My workshops are fun, simple and interactive. I create an environment which allows you to relax and become creative even if you don't think there is a creative side to you. These workshops will teach you simple ways to practice creativity. My work is a simple invitation to bring back the fun & creative force that we had as children. 

 Pocket size (3.5x5.0)

Pocket size (3.5x5.0)


Photo Walkabout - One thing is for sure—every employee experiences workplace-related stress fatigue. While there are various ways to address this, one of the most effective is to be active. Let's get out of the office and on the streets. My Photo Walkabout workshop is all about helping you expand your vision and creative horizon. By walking among interesting outdoor spots, you will have opportunities to focus on items that are not strictly related to your industry, seeing and photographing things that you've overlooked in the past. This workshop is good for small groups up to 12 people maximum.

Keeping a Notebook -  Keeping a notebook is a great indication of where we are in life and fuels creative thinking, as well as documents the development of important skills over time. People who attend this workshop will learn various creative techniques to use in their notebooks (provided). I will lead them in filling the first pages of their books with creative sparks that will encourage daily creativity. This workshop is good for small groups up to 12 people maximum.

Coffee Break Creativity -  This mini workshop is perfect for when you need a guest speaker to come in for one of your meetings or events.  Give your audience a special treat with this session. In 30 minutes - 1 hour, I will provide some fun and simple insight to creativity through my pocket book "Coffee Break Creativity" (provided). 

Connective Creativity — Project 52 Workshop - This workshop is designed to engage your group in creativity within the workplace and in life. I will include hands-on activities from my book, Project 52, (provided) that will help people increase creative dexterity, while also developing a stronger connection with their peers, friends, and family. This workshop is good for small groups up to 12 people maximum.

Tapping into the right side of the brain stimulates leaders, problem solvers, workers, and lifelong learners. Contact me to schedule or get more information about my workshops.