3 Tips To Grow Your Creative Spirit

Preparing for workshops has a way of helping me see content in a new way. I tend to keep valuable information I read and then see how I can use nuggets of it for my creativity workshops.

1. Tend to Your Flame

You cannot give what you do not have…Feed your well and nourish your soul. Your passion is critical to those around you. Every morning, ask yourself - “When was I at my best?”  Identify and incorporate the things that made you happy and gave you a sense of fulfillment.

2. Keep a Notebook

Your creative notebook is an indication of where you are in your life - mentally, physically, socially, creatively. Just filling one page per day will help you get to know yourself better.

3. Set Creative Goals For Yourself

This can be as simple as documenting one new idea in your notebook every day for the next 30 days or taking one photo every day of something interesting or beautiful…you decide on the theme.

Develop these habits as part of your creative goals: say thank you in writing, speak in public, teach others, write daily, and lead a tribe.

Have something to wake up for and be excited about.

1. What are you currently excited about?

2. What creative goals do you have?

3. Do you keep a notebook?

Be inspired to create. ~Maria